USI TECH MINING SCAM?? The Real Truth Revealed!!

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The Future Of USI Technology is amazing.
Join USI Tech & Beginning Earning Today:

The USI Tech mining drama is blowing over now as well as for certain in the next coming weeks and month when the USI Tech bitcoin mining swimming pool is released on the blockchain for everybody to see, no doubt a lot of the haters and also people not thinking USI Tech will certainly be make silent!

This video will show you the basic steps that you have to comply with in order for your USI Tech account to be operating and also your USI Technology account confirmed. Do not hesitate to adhere to along yet ensure your account is verified prior to you start buying anything!

USI Technology Documents Dropbox:


1) Join USI Technology:

2) Fill in all your basic information on your account.

3) Confirm your telephone number.

4) Validate your account utilizing your ID & Evidence of address.

5) Go into security questions & solutions.

6) Set up Google Authenticator 2 Element Recognition.

7) Upgrade to come to be an affiliate.

8) Wait on your account to be verified. (Takes a while).

9) Purchase your Bitcoin On Coinbase/LocalBitcoins (or elsewhere).

10) Make a decision the amount of BTC Plans or Symbols you desire.

11) Bundle Options – Place Order – Chose BTC/Token Plan – Get In Number Of Plans – Click Agree & Acquisition – Send Out The Grand Overall Quantity from your purse (coinbase/localbitcoins) to that specific one-time USI Technology address – wait a while for your packs to credit.

12) After you have actually acquired your packs there is no should turn on anything, you will certainly currently start earning 1% each service day.

Video upgrade:.

email me any type of questions:

USI Tech is a forex and also cryptocurrency trading business that also does cryptocurrency mining. You could begin with as little as 50 euro in bitcoin.

They pay on average 1% day-to-day for 140 functioning days (Mon – Fri) That's your initial purchase cost back plus 40% revenue!

In my opinion this is a long-term passive income possibility that will certainly be a fantastic earnings for 2017 as well as beyond.

** Keep in mind guys there always a threat with any kind of financial investment so be careful and only spend just what you can afford to shed. Best of luck to everybody! Due your research study and your personal due persistance prior to investing anywhere **.

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Gordon Clark says:

sorry scam watch your money folks .

Von Legacy says:

Gordon Clark you’re stupid.. it’s really not a scam

29curt says:

Gordon Clark you sound like a big time hater…lol go away if you think that because you sound like a scam artist!

Von Legacy says:

29curt it’s not a scam idiot.. it’s very legit but you wouldn’t know because you’re clearly on the outside looking in.

Affected Ryan says:

So far it seems like any other mine company. good for now but sketch later. I have one pkg active for science. Will update when the time is over.

Mikey P says:

Mike K said that they have bought a farm and they are rewriting the codes so it will show USI Mining in the block chain..

Bruno Anthony says:

Mr Mike, you know what I started usi tech since July and am seriously in it as far as am making BTC out of it I will continue, anyone does not like it let him or she get off the hook. simple and get his own business

Mikey P says:

Bruno Anthony I have no idea what you are trying to tell me…

Bruno Anthony says:

oh MIKE, i was supporting your comment. usi tech is real . greeting from Slovenia

CryptoPappy says:

LOL! Hey BRUNO ANTHONY: Use GRAMMAR much? (periods, commas, etc.) Really helps others understand you. Just sayin’.

Crypto Ronin Dude says:

🤣😂😂 at all the assumptions people make 🤣😂🤣

Coin Tronic says:

Usi tech is the best platform for accumulating bitcoin..

Bruno Anthony says:

Bros , usi tech is great, anyone who do not like to earn bitcoin back off. go and establish your and get your trend.

CryptoJack says:

thanks for your comment man

Ralph Ferro says:

Thanks, CryptoJack, Overall, I think USI-Tech is going to work out.

MattMzansi says:

I’ve invested in them over Bitconnect, they feel more secure to me.

Bruno Anthony says:

expecting so much from companies, Jack, tell them to expect from their government who takes taxpayer money and send it to fight wars zone. USI TECH IS THE BEST I EVER SEEN. so if you do not like to platform make a free jump. or create your own business.

CryptoJack says:

exactly, only put into USI tech what you are comfortable with!

Phantom Coin says:

I really dislike these click-baity yt titles.

CryptoJack says:

gotta get dem views tho… 😉


lol i got 200 btc packages but am very concerned until i see the blockchain!

donek321 says:

The sell of their coins is going very slowly , it can take ages to sell everything unless they start selling them to wide public .

CryptoJack says:

they are having a full ICO launch soon and releasing the whitepaper, coin sales will increase fast i’m guessing

Akif Husain says:

Hi cryptojack can u plz tell me if i start compounding 100% then when i b able to withdraw my funds??? Plz help thanks

CryptoJack says:

well if you put compounding to 100% your funds will just keep re-investing. It would be best to do something like auto reinvest of a certain amount of time and then when you have enough packs that you’re happy with, then start withdrawing.

Bitcoinversionistas says:

Dude use the Calculator in your BO. You can withdrawal after 10 EUR in balance (In BTC)

Nate Jay says:

NO, all of your daily profit will go towards your principal investment (deposit).

Katheryn Hartzell says:

With USI-Tech connected to your own personal bitcoin account (Payza, Cryptopay, Coinbase, there are many), you can withdraw, convert, transfer funds. Many have debit cards. You can get in and cash out any time you want. Sell bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies high, buy low…

Poet Kun says:

im interested on purchasing a token package, but im just curious how can i sell those tokens back to cash after i purchased one, Ive emailed them 3 times, but they havent replied yet, i assumed theyre just too busy right now, can u help me answer this? Thx !

Mark Geiger says:

Those tokens are locked in until on an internal or external exchange

Poet Kun says:

when will they unlock this? after all 500M tokens are sold?

Mark Geiger says:

Looks that way. Could change at the discretion of USI of course. Only pro to the coins not hitting market until max supply is the price will skyrocket from there. 500M is a lot of coins.

Jean Paul Azzurro says:

there will be an official ICO for the TECH COIN….after that you will be able to trade the coins on the exchanges they will work with…..just HODL in the meantime

29curt says:

The bottom line is USI-TECH own these mining rigs that are in the same building as GM so what the hell is all the fud talk…smh its amazing how the haters just are so mad and upset that USI tech is on there way to being the next APPLE! USI tech is super solid and transparent1 No worries at all for me….so stop all this bullshit

CryptoJack says:

agreed XD

Happy Thoughts says:

What software do you use to make the videos

CryptoJack says:

only screenflow for mac 🙂

mergeandsee says:

what about their proprietary technology, which was supposed to use the heat as electricity??

steve badley says:

exactly but people will say never mind that just focus on your money, this makes them just another investment platform until they become what they said they would be

CryptoJack says:

that technology is owned by a guy who works / is invested with USI Tech. That will be introduced in the near future. Everything can’t happen overnight 🙂

Marcel Suter says:

bla bla bla

Pilotus Aero says:

Its the same thing as taking a picture standing in front of a girl with big tits and implying she is your girlfriend even though she doesnt know you. Or going to the airport and pointing at a Gulfstream jet and saying ,yeah I just flew in from Dubai with Prince Al i khan we be bro’s with ho’s. Showy display to fool the fools…………………………………………

CryptoJack says:

This made me laugh 😀

Eric Smith says:

this is obviously NOT Genysis Mining. If you want to see what Genysis Mining looks like watch this video. Genysis is one of MANY companies mining in Iceland. They are not the only game there. USI Tech is Up and Up legitemate. Anyone saying This was Genysis has no clue what they are talking about.

popalock85 says:

Ponzi. Are you going to feel bad when this thing crashes and everyone under you wants your head? This is 2017. I’m sure there are plenty of anonymous individuals out there that could find and publish your address…

M/S Financial says:

you are funny …very funny

popalock85 says:

Humor is not my intent. Personally, I am trying this out just to do it, but I would never promote this to any friends or family because it is not sustainable. I understand the risk and understand that it will eventually implode as all schemes do. However, for those who get in and get out in time, they won’t be left “holding the bag” per se, and should be able to make some decent coin. Honestly, if I can just make back (and transfer out) the money I invest, I won’t have anything to complain about…That being said, I’d personally feel sleezy and responsible if I got anyone involved and they lost…

jsnip4 says:

It is at the end of it’s life, do not get in now.

popalock85 says:

jsnip4 I dsagree buddy. Historically, a well manipulated Ponzi lasts (on average) about 2 years. Ponzi’s typically come crashing down once the money being burned (i.e. – use by the schemers / or withdrawn from users) starts to exceed the income generated by said scheme. In this case, income generation is produced in two ways; 1) explosion of value of Bitcoin and 2) new investors recruited by the gentleman(?) whom created this video. I personally think I can get at least one (1) 140 day cycle out of USI-Tech and get out before being left “holding the bag.” I’d even be willing to place a small wager on it…😉

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% in agreement with you (jsnip4) that this is an unsustainable model that will fail. However, like most Ponzi’s, timing is everything. Invest a little now, double your money, then get out while the rest of the investors keep thinking they are going to make a 1,000% return by reinvesting constantly…

Steven Ortmann says:

Are people’s first thought when they see opportunities they aren’t “in the norm” automatically a scam? I feel sorry for you if you do. Because anything in this world can be a scam such as banks. But what do I know 🤷🏻‍♂️

CryptoJack says:

very true, you could get scammed buying something from amazon or ebay easily. It takes any amount of risk if you want to get a ROI!

James Minh says:


Have you ever tried to send a support ticket to USI-Tech ?

I have sent 4 e-mails since november 4th, since NONE of my tickets have been answered. Have you?

Doing some basic math, if you put let’s say a month ago 0.11 BTC which was a month ago about $800.

Even with their 1%/day compounding on 140 days…if you just do the math for 1 month, you end up with about $1000.

But now, as BTC is worth $15.000, with 0.11 BTC, you would get 0.11 x 15.000 = $ 1.650 !

So you basically loose money investing with USI-Tech : $1.650 – 1.000 = $ 650 !!

Correct me if I’m wrong.

CryptoJack says:

Hey buddy that is not correct. If you invested 0.11 in one month that should grow to around 0.132 (20 business days in a month ish @ 1% = 20% per month) So after one month depending on bitcoin price it would really vary. I don’t really understand your math. But if you put money into USI and the bitcoin price went up you’d make money on top of the 140% total. Feel free to email me if you like!

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