USI-Tech is a SCAM!

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Unfortunately there is no bulletproof evidence to found guilty USI-Tech. Nevertheless the business founder Ralph Gold has an extremely interesting past. He was associated with a number of pyramid/ponzi schemes which close down currently or which were proclaimed to be illegal. Leave a LIKE if you do as well as take pleasure in the video.

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sunny decree says:

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Gabriel Guarienti Machado says:

Sunny, great video, obviously a ponzi. But please explain to me something, I fail to see the difference between this system and bitconnect, could you enlighten me on some of the differences that you noticed? Thanks!

Craatus says:

I was just thinking the same thing…. almost every point said, there is an equivalent for Bitconnect…. hmmm

Chris Weetman says:

difference is that he wants you to bring him in referral money on ponzi platforms he endorses…

gals guy says:

From 1:24-1:34, you get more uglier than you really are..

Steve Yoon says:

5 bitcoins in profit works for me just fine… Love USI Tech so far.

Brad Collins says:

Kirsty Bonner get it while you can. they’re having a huge 1 year anniversary party this weekend in London so doubt they will disappear anytime soon. of they do probably not for another couple years

Rande Scott says:

doing very well with bit coin

Tens of DU says:

Wait what? I bought the ICO coins, where do I sell the coins for a profit? I thought they haven’t been listed yet

Jon Snow says:

How many of your friends and family did you shill to to make it!! I hope for your sake you dont get burnt too bad when it goes down.. the release of these new usi products can only go on for so long then pop!!

Envision Skylimit says:

Well everyone will know who USI after October 28th. USI just got regulated in the USA. They did the extra step in making sure they are in complainant with the laws in each country they are doing business in. They will also have live phone support in the US. I am on both USI and Bitconnect, and USI is more transparent. Here is the Updated video on what is to come after October 28th with USI.

Steve Yoon says:

I am currently using USI Tech Forex bot on VPS which is just rock solid so far. Bitconnect, I’ve been using it as well but never seen the existence of their so called “bot” in action once, nor their developers in face. USI Tech was reviewed by the independent law firm in the US and proven to be fully compliant with US SEC and FTC.

Marcos Pena says:

if you don’t mind me asking what was your initial investment into the usitech forex software and about how much % do you make in a month from it?

Kalaluka Katungu says:

if you have more questions about the program email me on for now all i can tell you that USI-Tech is the best

Jon Snow says:

Simple search on usa securites website shows they’re not even registed hahah stop shilling this crap

Thyruz says:

I don’t get it…you promote bitconnect with their non existent trading bot but Call usi a scam.
You could do a video almost 1:1 about bitconnect.
Double Standards don’t create much Credibility…

joan23us says:

there will always be ” buyers ” of BCC because the system wont let you take your lending profit without converting it to BCC first that alone is ” demand ” its a self feeding system… BTC to BCC to lend then profit to BCC to BTC to cash…. see the genius they did there?

Thyruz says:

joan23us we’ll the reason for people to get in is to get more money out than they put in. Where does this extra money come from? Out of thin air? Or more likely from other people who came in!? That’s how ponzi’s work.
One day the System will collapse when enough people try to get money out and stop reinvesting. Thats when the Supply get’s higher than the demand.

joan23us says:

from you and me where else? where you do think the money from the reserve bank and the major bank comes from? and yet no one bats an eye, what do you think is gonna happen if we all wake up and find out that we were all being enslaved by our government and the big corporation? creating money out of thin air to ” save ” the economy. Wake up to yourself. Its all a ponzi!

Steve says:

Totally agree with you Thyruz

NewWorldMoney says:

You seem like a nice guy and funny too bad you suck at research. Now I see why you are doing youtube videos for a living. You should join the company and come to the company events like I do around the world. We are all heading to the next event in Mallorca Spain and then USI-Tech’s 1 year anniversary event in London. Did you attend the last recent event in the US?….Probably not…need to work on those researching skills buddy. I use all their products and they work amazingly. Their first product is the Forex EA and it works amazingly. I earn exactly what they advertise between 1%-6% monthly for the last 4 months that I have been involved. It just cost me 600 euro. I then have my own Virtual Server where I run the robot 245 and my own FX account where no one has access to my money but me. Guess what, I can take my money out whenever I want, No PyramidPonzi here. Sunny if you had over 100k to invest actually then you could of known about this software and plenty of people were and have been using it over the last 8 year with Joao. Since you have no money and try to make money with crappy Google youtube it again makes sense. Do they still pay you for these youtube vidoes? Why don’t you move to steamit and get off this crappy tube? Back to my result, I make roughly 2.8% monthly for the last 4 months. I guess you probably thing Forex is a SCAM and Ponzi as well….well it does earn in Fiat currency so actually it is the biggest Ponzi Pyramid scheme of all times (The Federal Reserve and the current monetary system)

I just watched a little more of your video and it is pathetic…you are referring to Ethan Vanderbuilt as your research material..AHAHAHAHAHAHHA Wait …maybe you should team up with Charles Scoville and all slam each other….He was convicted for his Traffic Monsoon Ponzi scam and is trying to avoid jail time by slamming USI-Tech and hoping the appeal court judge will have mercy on him and feel he is a protector of all internet scams…Sad People…

As for Ralph Gold, you don’t know crap. You see a picture online and are making assumption. I see where you do your research so it holds no weight. Even if he did promote these losing companies, he was not the owner and just sold the product like probably 10 million other people I guess. He is one of 4 owners…again your research really sucks…

So your scam company has there first amazing product that works…then they come out with the BTC Package product that works and now they are launching the next amazing product on October 28th….

Sunny do some real research and stop costing people money by feeding them a load of your crap. Pathetic….ok my research is done…YOUR THE SCAM!!!! If you really want to know and make money so you can get out of this soul eating business your in…come and see me and I will help you earn lots of money from USI-Tech like I do as a part-time job…

Original FAMFAM says:

Skybiz You’re obviously a mainstream FUDster. Why don’t you go back and watch some fake news. The cryptoverse is not for you.

Mike Volpe says:

NewWorldMoney, have you ever heard of Pandex, or know anything about them?

useruseruser111 says:

Sunny, you hit a nerve with this guy. Taking a quick look at his profile he currently has 5 videos all on this bloody USI-Tech. I piss on USI-Tech and a few of your scamy founders with past companies charged with forgery, fraud and hosting pyramid scheme’s.

Bit-After-Bit. Biz says:

Ralf was the promoter of Lyoness, back then. Right? So he was just a promoter not the owner. And right now he is the director of USI-TECH. Dude. Have u never promoted a company before and it turned to be a scam? Does that mean u urself are a scam too coz u promoted a scam? Why should I listen to your advice then if you yourself in the past here on your youtube channels, have promoted companies that later turned out to be scams . Silly boy!

sunny decree says:

No I didn’t.

Darryl Sheppard says:

Well, If it’s a scam it’s a new breed. I’ve been involved with USI Tech for over 3 months now and I haven’t detected any problems. I’ve made almost 1 BTC and I’ve easily withdrawn most of it. The company has gone out of its way to become more secure and to be compliant with US and international regulations. They’ve posted the statements of their lawyers on their social media pages that their products are what they say they are and do what they say they do. The statement of a lawyer is legally binding. This certainly does not look like a company setting up for the short term. But rather it appears to be one in expansion. Ralf Gold is not hiding. He’s done numerous interviews and webinars and has answered all questions asked of him. The fact that he had some ponzis in the past don’t prove anything. Even a professional scammer can turn over a new leaf and go legit. As you’ve said, it’s not bulletproof. Time will tell.

Harkirat Dhamija says:

Hey. Can you please tell me how you withdraw money from your USI TECH account ?

Darryl Sheppard says:

It’s pretty straight forward. Are you a verified user? You sent them your photo and ID etc? If so you just click withdraw and enter your information and put in the code sent to your registered email address. They generally pay out within 12 hours.

David Agrinsonis says:

You cut down usi-tech to just promote your other bitcoin opportunity

sunny decree says:

Not really.

Damian Mooruth says:

yep he did the same on bit connect and happily puts his link here lol

Cannaday Holdings says:

um… yes… USI Tech has had bots trading on forex for years. many brokers use their bot. I’ve used it myself for years.

Ian Mayman says:

You promoted BitConnect recently and said it great it is. Between BitConnect and USI Tech, only one of them has photos and videos of the owners and management of the company. You would know which one if you do proper research.

sunny decree says:

Yes and one of them has an almost 1’000’000’000$ marketcap with their own cryptocurrency. You would know which one if you do proper research.

How to get rich says:

Why do you put your money into Bitconnect, also a suspicious company that has >>0< < trading results and which a few of the people involved have ALSO promoted scams like "Onecoin"??? It doesn't make you better, if you point at a few scams and say that they are indeed scams, but then PROMOTE OTHER SCAMS JUST TO MAKE MONEY!!! >>FUC*K YOU!

The_Crypto_God says:

*Says USI Tech is a scam*
*Promotes Bitconnect*

Okay buddy 😆

Tyson Dougherty says:

You’re a troll lol. Bitclub is a MLM and BitConnect is a scam.

Patryk Pabo says:

I thought the same ! 😀

Skybiz says:

They are both scam. Bitconnect and USI Tech, if this even going to help you?

Tyson Dougherty says:

Skybiz USI-TECH is transparent on their trades and market activity. Their not propped up by a fake coin and paying old members with new member money. The CEOs all check out. Licensing checks out.

BitConnect can’t say any of this.

Jay Barnett says:

Tyson Dougherty
The founders of USI-Tech are Jao Severino and Ralf Gold.

Jao Severino (JOÃO FILIPE FERNANDES SEVERINO) has been barred from financial activity in Portugal because he was involved with another scam called AMC INVEST. AMC Invest offered 10% interest per month on investments and it ended up scamming hundreds of people before it was taken down by the authorities. People were arrested for this scam.

Ralf Gold has promoted many money making scams in the past as well:

AdsProfitReward 2012MX FAST MONEY 2013WORLD CONSUMER ALLIANCE 2013HourlyRevShare 2013AdsProfitWiz 2013APR CLICKS 2013UPPERGAME 2014

Bit More says:

Sorry put people like you should back up with proof. You do not have any and are very wrong. Enjoy your day

James Allen jr. says:

You’ve got a definite conflict of interest here bud. Why is it “Sadly no proof” of what you are sayng… yet you say it anyway.

Eric E says:

I have been USI-Tech since April 2017… I am making Cash Money Mula every day/week… Now! You talking Negative about USI. What you trying to Sale… I been around a long Time, New Yorker … I can sniff a AH from a 5 miles away.. Get on the Wave… Get a Life… You do not have to talk negative about a other Business to Sale yours… Grow Up! I am USI-Tech and I Stand…

John Petersen says:

you’re an idiot. USI Tech is working very profitably for me.  I’ve already made back my initial investment and it is the gift that keeps on giving. which competitor do you work for that you  need to malign this amazing business model ?

Toasty says:

so was this how you earned before on youtube ? calling EVERYTHING in crypto currency a scam ?

Polarbear says:

LOAD OF BULLSHIT. You say this is a scam, which i fully agree it is and then i notice you promote bitconnect which is complete trash!!!!

What a fucking joke. If you can spot a scam like usi-tech then surely you realise bitconnect is bullshit. So, i assume you know bitconnect is a ponzi and you are involved until you think the wheels will fall off and jump out in time with your money.

Rimma Shiptsova says:

You are a scam yourself. I can tell you are not a part of the company. Shut up and do smth productive

derick james says:

You cant even pronounce the word “development” … Whatever you say its all about what the bank account says!!!!And my bank account says USI Tech is Legit!!!!!….Oh am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like Weeman from Jackass?

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