USI Tech ICO: NEW USI Tech Token Package & Why You Should Buy

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Sign Up With USI Tech & Start Earning Today:

This video will certainly show you the brand-new information about the USI Tech Token Packages and just how you can make money create the USI Technology Token Plans. Watch out for when the USI Technology tokens hit the exchange when all 500 million tech coins have been marketed.

Extra info coming in the days ahead concerning the USI Tech tokens.

Video update:

email me any inquiries:

USI Tech is a foreign exchange and also cryptocurrency trading business that likewise does cryptocurrency mining. You can start with as low as 50 euro in bitcoin

They pay generally 1% daily for 140 working days (Mon – Fri) That's your initial purchase rate back plus 40% revenue!

In my opinion this is a long-term passive earnings chance that will certainly be a fantastic earnings for 2017 and also beyond

** Keep in mind men there always a danger with any type of financial investment so beware and only invest exactly what you could pay for to shed. Good luck to everyone! Due your research as well as your own due diligence before spending anywhere **.

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CryptoJack says:

Join USI Tech & Start Earning Today:

Roberto Del Toro says:

Can you buy into the BTC Package with the USI Tokens?

MrJRGPhotography says:

I think the token packages are a lot clearer now thanks man

CryptoJack says:

More than welcome buddy

Mikey P says:

Hi Jack, Been waiting for some info to come out… Where did you get this from? When is the White paper coming out?

CryptoJack says:

The CEO was on a live Google Hangout and was giving new information out! Not too sure about the white paper sorry

Mikey P says:

CryptoJack cheers.. how did you find out about the hangout?

Vikas Bhatt says:

Justvto understand its 140% + principal amount?

CryptoJack says:

+Vikas Bhatt 100% is your capital back and then an extra 40% to make a total of 140%

Robert Baird says:

So I have another question. Most ico’s have a clear end date, but I can’t seem to find one with their token. Is it running until they’ve sold all 500,000? Or is there a clear and date somewhere and I’m not seeing it?

Robert Baird says:

Sorry I meant 500 million

CryptoJack says:

Running until they sell 500M. They are taking a different approach to their ICO. But at least they are not like other platforms, where we know nothing about the company. There’s a lot of info already out there about USI Tech 🙂

hockey player says:

2-5 dollours with that many coins in circulation?

Jan Tu says:

Ucoincash ICO gonna be next big opportunity for us..they are the same like Bitconnect.. more transparent and legit !

Aston Martin says:

so who has the money to buy emerald or diamond packages not that many people have that sort of money so it will never hit 500 million

Jan Tu says:

Ucoincash ICO gonna be next big opportunity for us..they are the same like Bitconnect.. more transparent and legit !

Bud Pierce says:

Jan Tu – I think it will hit 500 million coins

Randy Williams says:


CryptoJack says:

+Randy Williams thanks Randy

Vikas Bhatt says:

I bought 6 bitcoin packages but cant see daily payout?

CryptoJack says:

6 packages isn’t enough for you to see money in your available balance every day 🙂

tyhhxsw says:

What will the tokens be used for and do they have a target price when launching the exchange ?

LazyMoney Man says:

I would like to know that to?

tyhhxsw says:

If I buy the diamond package at like the third bonus .. do I still get 1.6 million tokens ??

Supreme Potential says:

tyhhxsw I want to know this too. @CryptoJack do you know?

Roberto Del Toro says:

Can you buy into the BTC Package with the USI Tokens?

Roberto Del Toro says:

Can you buy into the BTC Package with the USI Tokens?

CryptoJack says:

+Roberto Del Toro not yet no 🙁

Mark Kevin Lauta says:

Hi sir. GOODDAY hmm i have a Question what is token?? Is that a bitcoin ?? And what is that for??

pedro rios says:

so UcoinCash or USI tech!! i cant make the decision 🙁

CryptoJack says:

100% USI Tech!! Ucoin cash is an ICO with little to no previous experience or history! USI has been doing the BTC packages for almost a year now!

Robin Sharma says:

I think if you have money then put $50 in ucoin cash and 100 in usitech..

TeamTennantFitness says:

when you say on the exhange, does that mean on like Bittrex or another trading platform we would be able to sell our tokens/coins there?

CryptoJack says:

Something like that yes. The exchange it will be launched on will be announced closer to the date!

TrichsRUs says:

Is it a utility token?

Servant of Israel says:

You need to look into bitconnect

Adam Towers says:

This is potentially awesome! i’ve signed up 🙂

Dorji Wangchuk says:

I wanna buy diamond package … promise me you can help me.

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