Bitconnect X ICO Review Scam? Lending Platform (FREE INSTANT BITCOIN GIVAWAY!!) Bitconnectx

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Bitconnect X ICO Testimonial Scam guide financing seminar funding release betting mining spreadsheet Bitconnectx.

# 1 Trading System.

My Top 2 Opportunities.

Bitconnect x is the current in bitconnects opportunities release. Clearly bitconnect was an effective lending system and possibly the leading as well as # 1 reason that we have seen a crazy amount of ledning platforms launch.

When you join bitconnectx bitconnect x with, you will certainly be included in my crypto currency mastermind group, contributed to my bitconnect x live assistance chat, and also obtain a crap lots of other bonuses including training on the best ways to GET SIGNUPS into bitconnect x and also for that matter signups into anything.

If your a hefty investor I will show you how to place videos like me as well as construct your personal crypto currency area using my training!


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Bitconnect X ICO Review Scam guide lending conference resources release betting mining spreadsheet.

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JediMarketer says:

#1 Trading Platform

Carl DeGennaro says:


Nonya Business says:

Hey, just started investing in crypto about 3 weeks ago and your videos have helped greatly with the what and why to invest. 1DL3N1H3dcqTTKD968jNXUQnTfdogbsFNA

JediMarketer says:

YOU WONT THE BITCOIN – Check your bitcoin address shortly.

Paolo Marano says:

Very informative video. I just started investing. i have very little bitcoin but its a start, thanks for the help. 1CA9GnqhwSa3XN4bg6FfcU2Ausd4VwGcAZ .im doing it for my 3 daughters

Daeshawn Vinson says:

I need some bitcoin to connect to my account 😂 I see you’re very smart btw we need more people like u willing to help others. 1Ce9mb7deyeKKkKPddKovgJs214s2sCJxV

JR LaBarge says:

Throwing a couple hundred on the ICO. I already have a little in bitconnect and just recently got into davorcoin. I like passive income on lending platforms but I would like to start trading ALTs more, bigger profits more risk.

Not on any teams for ICO btw.


Gerwin Rebalde says:

Please help me with BitconnectX. Please add me to your page FB.

Henry Mignardot says:

I’m a new member, thanks for the help! 14GY9EqvwpAmSiBsy9uoqJAPYeNEoE6iBK

Tpk2206 says:

Yes now keep going your thoughts on DRGN KCS SEND 1HQBLaQocQJCGjQMFvHnJZH2owa79Bo5re

Tpk2206 says:

Can i be added to your group please 1HQBLaQocQJCGjQMFvHnJZH2owa79Bo5re

Scott Sinclair says:

Hi Gene, all the best to you and yours in the coming year… Thanks a Ton for your information … I trust your opinion

Emerson S. Caladiao says:

Hi JediMarketer! Thanks for sharing your btc 1BTFRK5MGrXYALdhp5LFrcjfFkkd3EeNNR
Please add me to your group 😁

Mike Nagy says:

If one had $5,000 to invest right now in bitconnect, should they invest it in the new bitconnectX ICO instead?

JediMarketer says:

If one had to choose between bitconnect x and bitconnect, I would be choosing BCX because its new, its run by the same owners, its the same protocols, same formula, system but brand new. So the life span on your $5k with the program from previous proof of concept is more secure. BCC is done in my opinion. Whether it says a float for another year or so, does not matter. Its at its last breathe and this is the purpose behind the newlaunch.

MoNcHmAnTv says:

Hello JediMarketer,
I really do hope you consider me as one of the people to be blessed with bitcoin. I’ve been living in my car 2 years straight on the date of 1/4/18 which is tomorrow. I’m currently doing uberEats to get myself money to save To invest into cryptocurrency trading. I’ve started with a small amount of trading, but I really need to grow my income, my YouTube marketing skills on ranking high for videos, and I want to be part of your Fb group. I need to change my life for the better. Here is my btc address: 1MQtX2C9ngXWiwScsuKfW99Nz9aNza3wSB
I hope to receive as much of a generous amount is you can give. Thank you. I’m also new to your channel so I just subbed and I also saved this video and liked the video. God bless you.

Gus Brownsdale says:

Guys why the hell do you think people are going to send you bitcoin. Stop posting your wallet addresses. Wtf

JediMarketer says:

because if you listened to the video, I said, post a interesting comment and before my next actual video I release I will pick a comment and send bitcoin to that address, could be anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on profits for the week.

Gus Brownsdale says:

So my comment was pretty interesting right? 1AULgndW37xvhSDcpRxCKedCavq8m8ijBA

JediMarketer says:


ilabash Currency says:

I like your Bitconnect stand.

AkliOnet says:

Love your channel. I am the same generation than you … but probably not rich like you ! If you choose me I will donate half of the bitcoin to the poor of Paris in this winter. with vidéo proof 16yuqSPMcaTzKJbwrxy4a33ahATJ35HTQM

John Cool says:

dont be defensive….that is our weakness…..stay strong my brother….im invested in 20 different altcoins including bitcoin and i started it all nov 3 2017….im so happy to be a crypto man thanks to info from you guys….be strong….stay crypto.

John Cool says:

bitconnect x-change…..thats my gut saying.

TheMvegastyle says:

I’ll join under you. Let’s do this! 19S8RJDLtGdHqrMKhnYfhLAiP1RnmD9oFZ

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