22 Year Old Success Story – USI Tech Changing Lives

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USI Tech are developing successes in multiple areas of the world. This video clip was taken at a USI occasion in Mallorca Spain, where many nations were being stood for.

Ebony has been involved in USI Technology just a matter of months and has created much success because short room of time.

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USI Tech have no plans of decreasing on this remarkable momentum. Large points are being available in 2017 as well as into 2018.

USI Tech are changing lives and remarkably, I reached fulfill a great deal of those people this weekend break!

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Remington Steele says:

it is only good for affilates only

Matt Sherriff says:

Not true… people use their services to grow their wealth without recruiting anybody… that’s the beauty of it!

123devilsadvocate says:

Get in now 4before bitcoin goes 2 10k

Tony Monk says:

You can make money with USI without being an affiliate. Matt is 100% right. I’m in USI and I have been online for over 21 years and have done it all online, and all this time I have never seen such an amazing company like this. We have over 250 thousand members ALL getting paid. Not one person out of 250 thousand members are left behind, again every single one of us are getting paid. You tell me one online company that has ALL their 250 thousand members getting paid


Just watched a Youtube video (no names) which accuses USI-TECH of being a ponzi scheme based on a recent announcement in Mallorca regarding a proposed contract between USI-TECH and BITFURY. The channel owner claims this ‘announcement’ was a deliberate lie perpetuated by USI-TECH in order to gain more customers. Personally I think it’s just a load of rubbish from a ‘hater’ but I just wonderd if anyone else had any thoughts regarding this?

Ulitmate Punch says:

There was a video published of the CEO of USI-Tech saying they had secured a $70 million contract, the CIO of Bitfury tweeted in return they had been in no talks and signed no contracts with USI-Tech.

skittles2055 says:

Good question. USI has since made an announcement and a clarification: USI-TECH has entered a $70 million contract, under an NDA, with a strategic partner. If you saw the earlier statement that mentioned the name “Bitfury,” please note that information was inaccurate and incorrect. And they said we will be able to provide complete transparency to our customers and distributors at our London event on October 28th.

Kevin McGarry says:

great video Matt

Matt Sherriff says:

Thank you Kevin!

Wil Lee says:

Hi Matt, thanks for sharing, can we use your video testimonial by sharing it on our channels

Matt Sherriff says:

Definitely! Share away 🙂

Denden Berhane says:

Just a short question, do anyone got packages on package queue that haven’t showed up on your dashboard yet? no packages have showed up on my dashboard since 30 of September. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

Matt Sherriff says:

If you or your team members have missing packages please use this template when submitting a support ticket to make sure it’s fixed ASAP:
Member Name:
Member ID: (On Dashboard page)
Package Order Number: (in Packages menu in back office when click on QUEUE)
Wallet address BTC sent to: (available in your BTC Wallet when you go to Blockchain Transaction)
BTC Transaction ID: (available in your BTC Wallet when you go to Blockchain Transaction)

Denden Berhane says:

Matt thanks for the quick reply. I have actually done that but they are just saying “We have forwarded your concern to our responsible department and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.” I think 20 days is patience enough.

Denden Berhane says:

Will try that, thanks!

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